You have lived through Byss, fighting against the constant threat of monsters, undead, and ghoul lords.  You have liberated a people from the dark servitude they unknowingly fought to preserve, casting light into the shadowed sun of Elysia, burning away the bright terror of that tainted place.  Families have been lost, found, and remade in the fires of adversity and freedom. 

Now, you must turn yourselves from the bliss of the past year, leaving your hard-earned paradise and make good on the promises made to your gods, repaying them for the salvation you asked them to help you make in Byss.  Onward, to a new life as Servants of the Gods.  May you find your Destiny, entertwine it with those you love, but beware!  Every Destiny comes with its opposing Demons, those who would see you fail and your gods mocked, forgotten, and dethroned.  Stray, but a little, and you will fall into the clutches of your enemies, or, perhaps worse, those you love.

Good luck, and stay sharp, for boundless is the multiverse, and its gateway; Sigil, City of Doors.

Deity, Destiny, and Demons

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